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Digital Alarm Clock,DFITO Hid￵den Wireless Night Vision Security Nanny C￵am Hidden Clock cam￵era for Bedroom

Digital Alarm Clock,DFITO Hid￵den Wireless Night Vision Security Nanny C￵am Hidden Clock cam￵era for Bedroom

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 1. Flexible appearance and easy to carry

  2. Large battery capacity can work long hours

  3. With hid￵den vi￵deo function

  4. Working while charging

  5. Many functions: Pho￵to, vid￵eo with sound recording, motion detection and alarm etc.

  6. Point-to-point connection, can work without a network connection

  7. Support night vi￵sion

  8. Very simple operation. Configure the router only need a memory card


  1. This product will automatically generate network time after connecting to Wifi, no additional settings are required.
  2. This clock does not have a functional alarm. Its is made to look like an alarm clock to remain covert.


  1. ♥ WIFI IP Hidden Clock ca￵mera! This unit makes a great ca￵mera, perfect for home survei￵llance, theft prevention, and countless other uses. The camer￵a is powered by the built in 2700mAh battery (3-3.5 hours) or by plugging it into a 110V wall outlet, which eliminates the worry of running out of battery life and also charges the unit.
  2. ♥ Records in 1080P vid￵eo and au￵dio via Motion detection, Manual or scheduled modes, ph￵otos and countless other features using the mobile app or computer program.
  3. ♥ Uses a micro SD card (up to 64GB for 15 plus hours of video)can also record vi￵deo to your PC, using it as an IP c￵amera, or record video directly on your phone.
  4. ♥ View video stored on SD card remotely using your mobile phone!
  5. ♥ Easy to setup WIFI and IP Camera. To use the P2P/ WIFI feature, just plug it in the wall, select the Clocks WIFI network on your mobile phone and use the prescribed mobile phone app to operate the many functions of the cam￵era. Record vi￵deo and take pictures directly to your mobile phone.
  6. ♥ Once the cam￵era is connected to your router, via the built in WIFI, access your vi￵deo from anywhere you have LTE/3G on your mobile device.
  7. ♥ Also comes with a program to view vi￵deo from any windows computer.

Package Included:

  • 1 x HD Came￵ra
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x 32GB Memory Card
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