Shipping FAQ

Why is my order tracking status not updated?

When the package is under the following conditions, the tracking update may be delayed:
1. Handle local customs clearance procedures
2. At the post office sorting center
3. Obstructed by uncontrollable factors such as strikes, inclement weather, political issues, etc.

How much is the shipping cost?

Generally speaking, the total transportation cost will depend on the following factors:
The shipping method you choose
The destination country of the parcel;
The number of goods you ordered, and the total weight and volume (size) of the package.
Our suggestion is to log in to your account, add the item to the shopping cart, and then check the shipping cost that will be automatically calculated and displayed.


Why did I not receive my order?


A. Your order has not been shipped yet. We recommend that you check the status of your order in your account. Go to: View order-my order.
B. Your order is being shipped and completed within the estimated delivery time. Please wait. In most cases, the order will arrive within the estimated time. If your order has not arrived and it takes longer than the estimated delivery time, please contact us.
C. Your order may be returned due to the following reasons:
-The courier tried to deliver to you, but could not find you to sign.
-The delivery address is incorrect or incomplete.
-The package was rejected during customs clearance.
D. Items are lost in transit.


I did not receive the order, why does the tracking status show as delivered?

Possible reasons include:
A. The delivery address is incorrect.
B. Someone signed the package.
C. The package has arrived at your local post office and will be sent within 1-2 working days.
D. The package has been delivered and left in your mailbox.
If the delivery address is incorrect, please contact us.
If the delivery address is correct, we recommend that you check the mailbox and check your residence to make sure it has not been left outside. If you cannot find the packaging, please contact us